The new work/play vibe

Karen Konkel and Ryan Speiser asked Chemistry in Place to create "the new work/play vibe” for the entire lower level of their house  in the idyllic Kettle Moraine area in WI. We designed the 1,400 SF space as a zone on to itself.   Ryan works remotely for Nvidia as a firmware engineer and commutes online with his co-workers at Nvidia’s headquarters is in Santa Clara, CA.

The couple have invented their own lifestyle. Karen  owns a Jazzercise franchise with a studio nearby. She is also a R&F representative with an office in another part of the house where she  runs that business and does architectural drawings for residences.  Two small children, pets and a large  family in the area make the upper level one of lots of activity. But --- the  lower level  was designed as a sacred space for Ryan to do his thing. After hours it has another life and is a “play zone” for both adults and children.

Please check out the space usage plan and finishes and feel the vibe of the  new work/play space. Stay tuned for photos of the finished space… construction is staring soon.


Photos by Chemistry in Place.