Quarles & Brady LLP - Tampa

At 20,617 SF, Quarles & Brady's Tampa office occupies the entire 34th floor of the Bank of America Plaza in downtown Tampa.

In keeping with Quarles & Brady's commitment of having each office be true to the culture and aesthetic expression of its location, the Tampa office is bright, light, and open, taking inspiration from Tampa Bay and the surrounding beaches. The modern, inviting, and conveniently located space attracts clients from all over Tampa.

It is also a workplace designed to assist the firm in delivering client solutions. To attract clients, the space is modern, inviting, and conveniently located. The space is also designed to entertain clients, with beautiful views of Tampa, welcoming features, and a “memorable” design.

Each design consideration, including furniture, lights, and finishes was a crucial component in creating a space which defines the firm's identity. This identity makes them competitive in the world of corporate law. The design looks and feels different than any other law firm in Tampa, but still says “Tampa is home to us, and we love it here” with a color palette that complements the overall feel of the city.

The Tampa Bay Business Journal named the office as one of 30 finalists in their Coolest Office Spaces contest.

Note: You will find a case study by Steelcase, Creating and Sustaining a National Brand, included with the pictures to the left.

Photos courtesy of C.J. Sagorski



In Context
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