Services to plan, design & brand cutting edge offices


Project Management

Oversee entire projects, including all aspects of design and coordination

Project Conception

Develop project design statements, including althernative concepts to be translated to preliminary designs and layouts

Visioning Sessions

Meet with client team to define parameters, facilitate discussions, generate ideas, and inspire innovation

Project Strategy & Budget Planning

Identify project team, timeline, process, budget, and expectation


Interview key individuals and compile quantitative and qualitative info as a basis for design


Interview client to distill the essence of the company in order to understand its complexities and differerntiation, proceed to articulate the brand by incorporating it into both the tangible and intangible aspects of the company

Test Fits

Create plans based on a preliminary program to determine how requirements fit into square footage, available or desired

Zoning and Code Review

Review program and design plans to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and zoning regulations

Design Development

Refine block plans into detailed space plans while considering scale, furniture, architectural elements, materials, building systems, and technology

Furniture and Finish Standards

Establish comprehensive furniture, material, and color standards

Furniture and Finish Specification

Specify furniture and finishes based on programming. Prepare specifications for negotiation with furniture dealerships and include in construction documents

Art & Plant Selection

Assemble existing and new art appropriate to company's brand, coordinate framing and installation per museum conservation standards, and corridinate plant selection

Facilities Design & Management

Maintain space layouts and inventory and provide assistance for moves and layout changes

Users' Guides to Space

Develop guides to familiarize employees with new space, incorporating employee seating charts, floor plans, and conference rooms & A/V technology information

Tour Maps

Create tour maps for use by key management employees to show clients and customers key aspects of newly designed spaces

Construction Documents

Develop construction drawings and specifications necessary to secure bids

Construction Administration

Monitor and inspect the construction progress and schedule. Coordinate RFs and change orders. Review pay requests. Prepare punch lists upon completion

Post-Occupancy Studies

Review how program has satisfied programmed needs. Make recommendations for improvement in efficiency and brand alignment


Client Representation

Understand client needs and goals, acting as the client's representative using our 'Chemistry in Place' eight-phase process

Corporate Staging / Brand & Aesthetic Packaging for Sale, Merger, and/or Acquisition

Prepare a company's look for a merger, acquisition or sale by surfacing its brand in physical space and coordinating its look with its web presence and other visual representations

Logistical Coordination

Organize database with necessary contacts and create spreadsheets to track project aspects inclusive of scheduling and specific project responsibilities