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Services to provide solutions in building brand equity


Brand Audit
Conduct an audit of business identity to determine if and how brand is and should be positioned.

Brand Positioning & Integration
Interview stakeholders to determine sense of brand (whether being developed, established, evolved or repositioned). Create brand statement. Recommend how brand is translated in physical space, personnel, social media and website. Work to integrate brand across all platforms.

Project Management
Chemistry in Place has a long-standing history of excellence in project management. We take an idea from its conception, examine all accompanying opportunities and threats, create a clear and comprehensive outline of tasks to be completed and implement a timeline. From here, we delegate tasks to team members and then continue to follow up on progress to ensure deadlines and expectations are met. Upon project completion, we ensure satisfaction of all parties involved and look for opportunities to share project results with the public.

Internal Communication Strategy
Develop strategy to assist management in communicating design and/or other project related activities to employees, informing them appropriately and on a timely basis.

Marketing Strategy
Develop a strategy and create roll-out plans for disseminating external messaging to the right medium(s) and at the right time to increase market awareness.

Public Relations & Media Strategy
Develop and pitch story/article ideas. Craft compelling press releases and media alerts. Work with media to place stories in publications.

Public Relations & Media Placement
Work with media to place stories in publications.

Social Media
Develop social media strategy and incorporate with overall marketing plan. Set up and maintain various platforms. Draft and schedule content.

Leveraging Asset Investment Strategy
Prepare 'Opportunities Matrix' and 'Media Strategy' based on investments made in physical space.

Copy Writing
Write copy (credited to the client) for books, website, articles, newsletters, stories, blogs presentations and other publications or uses.

English to Spanish Translations
Complete translations from English to Spanish for use in multi-media marketing materials.

3-D Imaging
Create computer-generated interior design illustrations for visualization and conception of space.

Web design
Design websites, web pages, and flash media.

Event Planning
Plan, coordinate and facilitate events. Act as project manager to organize all aspects of event from planning phases through completion.

Prepare donor and sponsorship packages. Provide guidance on strategy and tactics for achieving fundraising goals.

Corporate Videos & Film Shorts
Produce corporate films that personify organizations, generate organic conversation, and strengthen brand equity. Create high- quality stories in motion that are cost-effective and improve bottom line profits.

• Corporate Film/Audio Visual
• Corporate History Film
• Corporate Identity Film
• Film for inclusions in Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), and Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
• Corporate Event Coverage Film
• Corporate Promotional Film / Annual Growth Film
• Internal Communications Corporate Film
• Company Policy Film
• Skill Development/Training Film/Orientation Film
• Case Study Film
• Product Information Film
• Corporate Program Introduction Film / IPO Film
• Motivational Film
• Work Environment Film
• Key Individual(s) Profile Film
• Award Recipient Recognition Film


Case Studies
When working with clients, we help them to forge partnerships with like-minded, complimentary companies.  One outcome of these partnerships is case studies, which are designed to highlight these specific partnerships and speak to how the project surfaces the expertise of each organization.  


Corporate Videos - Quarles & Brady LLP
We work with Quarles & Brady LLP to create films to market the firms newly designed offices as well as films to market Quarles & Brady LLP's dedication to being a green law firm and their professional partnerships.

Community Involvement & Visibility
As a member of Public Art Shorewood (WI), Pat Algiers worked with the committee to select the Plensa sculpture that is now located at Atwater Park in Shorewood. To celebrate its unveiling, she planned the "Plensa in the Park" celebration. She also had an interview with Fox 6 Wake Up News to promote the new art unveiling.