The Renaissance Building - Lobby, First Floor, and Lower Level Public Areas

We worked with NAI MLG Management to replace art, area rugs, and furnishings in a style consistent with the historic quality and ambiance of The Renaissance Building, located at 309 North Water Street in Milwaukee's Third Ward.

This building is a 7-story structure in the Romanesque Revival style, designed by Ferry & Cass and building in 1896. It has a heavy timber structure and columns, stone tile flooring, metal railings, round stone arches, brick walls, and large wood doors.

The new artwork, done by Wisconsin-born artists Sarah Van Beckum and Anne Wallace, grace the masonry walls and reference the architectural features of The Renaissance Building. Other additions include Persian rugs with deep tones and patterns that add warmth and an inviting feel to the public area experience; a grouping of oversized leather chairs with a sofa; and wrought iron work knuckle floor lamps. Tenants now have an area to meet, relax, and take in the overall appeal of the building which was designed to stand the test of time.