Northshore Residence

The experience of staying in boutique hotels was the driving force behind creating a residence large on the interesting and unexpected.  

Color and pattern carry the space from room to room with oriental rugs and deep blue tone walls that grey out and act as neutrals.  A 1920’s sofa and companion chair from the New York apartment of a great aunt along with twin bookcases and assorted accessories that together held court during side car cocktail parties in the 40’s now  share space with things including an island prayer wheel, African mask, Chinese scholar box and Plein Air art collection.

No room holds true to any period – the master suite has an Eames Chair and Lounge, log bed, late 18th century gentleman’s dresser and Victorian rocker.  All work together on an antique rug,  circa 1930, from a Long Island estate. A fur coverlet and throw from Machu Picchu cozy the room up. The kitchen is a fan of stainless steel and a rug with deep tones any foodie would love to have in a room meant for serious cooking. A light globe adds to candle light in the mid-century modern dining room and a powder room speaks to British roots.

Since the owner loves finding the unusual, the unusual from many different cultures and lands found a place here. All contribute to making the house a spirited place (yes, there is a ghost) to live in and perfect place to go to for a dinner party.

Shouldn’t a residence deliver an experience everyday just like a boutique hotel does on holiday?

Photos © Chemistry in Place