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Services to plan, design, and set up new households

Life is full of transitions and our goal is to minimize the stress and concerns associated with major moves and changes. Whether you are moving across town or changing cities; relocating for an affiliation with a new sports team/company or due to separation/divorce; transitioning to a senior community or just sprucing up an existing space, our goal is to turn your living space into a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle. We help you edit your possessions to work together and then curate them to your personal style and brand. It is about you and bringing your essence alive.

No matter what your circumstances are, we provide our clients with personalized attention to needs and desires, creating a plan that fits the individual. Our process includes an assessment of current and future living quarters, planning and arrangement of new and existing furnishings, assistance in sorting belongings to keep and toss, as well as a variety of project management services unique to your specific needs.
Services available, but not limited to:

Assessment of living space needs
•Meet to discuss individual needs to set up personalized plan.
•Assess living space needs and desired services.
•Prepare comprehensive task lists and timelines, including all desired services.

Interior Design
•Discuss design and coordination needs.
•Translate personalize plan to interior design.
•Create space plan.
•Create a comfortable and functional space for all occupants, including pets.
•Specify and select new furnishings and/or incorporate new furnishings with existing furnishings.
•Select finishing touches and essentials, such as art, accessories, linens, towels and dishes.
•Set up a household inclusive of a home gym, viewing room, home office, wine cellar and other special purpose rooms.

•Stage a house for sale or “stage to stay” to reflect the current lifestyle of the occupants.

•Assist with the process of downsizing.
•Inventory all furniture and accessories to help with disposition and reuse.
•Combine households if necessary.
•Coordinate the move.
•Arrange for off-site storage of things like fine art and seasonal vehicles.

•Scout options for relocation.
•Coordinate the move.
•Identify services in the new neighborhood, including dry cleaning, catering, laundry, car detailing, house cleaning, snow removal and lawn care.
•Identify businesses in the new neighborhood, such as restaurants, bars, library, coffee shops and retail stores.
•Schedule utilities, cable and wireless service.

•Create detailed plan showing all steps and tasks in chronological order identifying responsible parties.
•Act as a limited-term house manager.
•Coordinate relocation or downsizing move.